Catton Therapy

Catton Therapy offers a space to talk about difficult things and time to attend to you.

Based in Old Catton, Norwich.  Catton Therapy offers Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Reflexology and Massage. For young people and adults.

Phone: 01603 928700  or  07761 338881

In time Catton Therapy will hold regular social/support groups and workshops for professionals, young people and adults.

Find out more about Katy, the Director of Catton Therapy Here

Katy practices Integrative Counselling. Find out more Here

The office has two consulting rooms. We are open Monday to Saturday.


We have one or two rooms available for rent depending on availability.

Uses for the consulting rooms could be interviews, supervision, mediation or other forms of professional communication.  You don’t have to be a counsellor or psychotherapist.

Information for Professionals can be found Here