Complementary Therapies

Maximum treatment time at the moment due to coronavirus restrictions is 45 minutes.

You will be temperature checked on arrival and Katy will be wearing a visor and mask. For the more vulnerable clients, gloves will be worn and an apron. The room will be aired and sanitised for half an hour between clients.

The initial consultation involves completing paperwork and deciding on the treatment, oils if using and room atmosphere. At the moment this is all done on the telephone or video call.

Katy has been practising Holistic Massage, Crystal Therapy and Light Touch Reflexology for more than ten years and has completed further training in trigger point, myofascial release techniques and acupressure.


Please note: Katy will not be mixing a counselling relationship with massage/reflexology treatments under any circumstances.  These are two very different relationships and should remain separate.

If you are receiving massage or reflexology treatments by Katy and want support with your mental health you will need to look elsewhere for a counsellor. 



Massage treatments are tailored to suit your needs. You choose the length of your treatment and discuss with Katy where you would like the focus of your treatment to be.

Holistic Massage blends long strokes, kneading, pressure point work, feathering, holding and probing to release tension, knots and toxins.

30 Minutes £20 – Seated Accupressure & Massage

45 Minutes £30 – Massage only.



A deeply relaxing whole body treatment focusing on the reflex points in the hands or feet.

£30 For a 35 – 45 minute treatment. 



It is believed a crystal therapy treatment encourages the stimulation of the bodies energy flow to restore balance and help the body tap into its natural healing processes.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for medicinal and protective reasons. Today, they are used in watches, lasers and computers. Crystals are used because they hold and submit energy frequencies.

During a treatment crystals are placed on and around the body to encourage a change in the bio energies of the body to promote the bodies natural healing and abilities and encourage balance and wellbeing in the person.