Young Minds. Amazing Hearts.

I am feeling so humbled this afternoon. It’s not just humbled I feel, its awe. Awe for how much we change as we develop into adults and move away from our authentic selves, our personal agency and voice. Of course if you have a nourishing, accepting, holistic, humourous and adventurous family unit in which to […]

A Pressurised Container

13th March 2020 I have been catching up on Call The Midwives, a BBC television series that has run since 2012 and follows the developments of the midwifery service and the NHS from the early 1950’s to the early sixties. It is striking to see that we seem to have forgotten the importance of soap […]

A Dog In The Room.

6th March 2020 I am thinking a lot today about the possibility of introducing a dog to the practice. It appears I may have found an ideal litter of puppies to choose the ideal pup from. Mum has been working with her human owner to calm her anxieties, she is attentive and relaxed. It’s an […]