The Friday Blog. Click here.

Usually based around a subject that has caught hold of my attention and thinking in the week.

Katy’s Norfolk. Click here.

I am a well worn ambler, rambler and open water swimmer. With an eye for the hidden track/trek and an instinct that gets me (lost) into some interesting places.

My beloved Norfolk, UK is definitely where my heart is most peaceful. There are so many diverse natural habitats that I could blog for twenty years and not cover what I have found.

To my Sunday companion for the last few years I have been saying we must write a book about our favourite ‘benches for lunches’ so that will be part of this blog.

All the photos are my own and therefore if you wish to buy or use copies please contact me:

Wilbur’s Re’paw’t. Click here.

Wilbur is my Sprocker Spaniel. He is destined to become a therapy dog helping my clients with distressing feelings and dog phobia and I hope to get him into schools to support children with reading or their behaviour.

I have applied my research into training a dog and my knowledge of re-training human brains to his training and the results are very positive. Unfortunately, the charity I hope would be supporting us has had to close due to COVID-19. This blog will report his progression and include weekly reports initially until the intense phase changes and less is happening.

I’ll share my experience with feeding, sleeping, socialisation and toys among other things.