Katy is developing a series of Discover sessions so that you can come and try different things in a ‘learn together’ environment.

Discover sessions are not only about being taught the ‘how to do it’ but also to make it your own and learn in your way. If you want to learn something different about the activity that you haven’t been shown and if I don’t know we’ll learn together.


I discovered Zentangling when I was recovering from the symptoms of post traumatic stress. It is a deep relaxed practice that encourages you to let go of any ‘I can’t draw/do it’ thinking and create lovely imperfect black and white drawings.

Zentangling website link here.

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I discovered cross-stitch as a child. Many hours spent waiting and recovering from surgery and needing to find ways to occupy my creative mind I started cross-stitching.

Come and learn together in you way about the lovely crafty activity. 

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