UK is Locked Down

I have been watching the spread of COVID-19 across the world since December. I have looked at the views of global experts in epidemiology and virology partly out of interest but also to be prepared from a business and self-employment point of view.

I sat and wondered why we were not locked down in February. I watched the denial of our Government on the severity of this unpredictable virus with unknown impacts and behaviours, I felt the fear as it began to come towards the UK. I witnessed local panic buying and uncertainty and still we were not given the strong ‘advisory’ guidance we needed.

Where was the voice that said, ‘this virus appears to be approaching us, we would advise you to take sensible precautions now as we may have to be indoors for some time.’

A pre-warning to communicate that we are aware of what’s coming, we are planning what to do behind the scenes, we know you are unsure and we have your welfare in mind.

Instead today, we are in lockdown feeling unsure of what we can and can’t do. Left wondering what the Government actually understands and being lectured everyday with pretty graphs and diagrams.

The intensity of the need to watch the bulletins is huge, hoping for some insight that will alleviate a concerned mind. Not only for myself but also for the Country and the world.

I feel contained in a cabin with the outside walls being infected by something I can’t see and yet I am calm and I am prepared to wait and front this out. I don’t need much – water, my cupboard contents will keep me for a month. I am frugal.

Then I catch myself, I sound as though I am going into some kind of war with the unknown. I cannot prepare or plan ahead. I have to sit, wait and hold my internal breath. I recognise this attitude – the attitude of a survivor.

I’ve done this before…